Pro-Life Collection Machine Embroidery Designs-43 designs, 4x4 to jumbo hoop


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4x4, 5x7, mega

If you are distressed, as I am, that over 50 million babies have been aborted in America since 1973, you understand the need to express feelings on the issue. Sometimes a silent expression that these designs provide may be more effective than speaking the words.  I read Psalm 139 and realize that David lived some 3000 years ago, long before ultrasound was available, and yet he knew what a special gift life is.  So I ponder that now in our age of modern technology, so many of us do not comprehend the profound significance of the gift of life.  The arrow design with the "Product of Conception" is for a maternity shirt a customer had me digitize for her several years ago. Each design and each text is present in the collection alone, and some are combined for those who do not have customizing capabilities, to eliminate the need to re-hoop (for a total of 43 designs). Psalm 139 requires a megahoop and is stitched in 3 sections, or if you have a jumbo hoop, it has been customized to sew in one hooping.