Satin Crosses With 2 Redwork Variations- 40 Designs- 5x7 & Megahoop


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Satin Crosses

110 mm and 150 mm

This set of 10 designs has 4 variations (for a total of 40 designs). The satin crosses are in 2 sizes, 150 mm and 120 mm (height).The crosses with fill stitch would be lovely on vestments, Christening gowns, etc (even t-shirts or denim jackets).When sewn on water soluble stabilizer such as Hemingworth Washaway, they become lacework and make beautiful Bible bookmarks-a thoughtful gift for people of faith. You will receive instructions for this process. They are all 2 color designs, and there are no jump stitches. The redwork are 150 mm, but offered in double stitch and triple stitch. Triple stitch resembles a hand done back stitch, and is a little heavier, so suitable for heavier fabrics.  The redwork are also beautiful stitched tone on tone.
Original graphics from Clipartopolis. 

Satin Fill, 110 mm and 150 mm
Redwork-Double Stitch AND Triple Stitch