Faith Embroidery Collection-8 sets-303 Designs-Embroidery & Redwork-+ Thread


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Faith Collection

Your gift with purchase for this design collection will be a spool of Hemingworth embroidery thread. The Faith Collection has 8 sets of designs with 303 designs total, as follows:

Faith 1-This set of designs denotes some of the symbols which express the Christian faith, plus some text which may be paired with the designs. There are 40 designs in this set, most fit the 4x4 hoop, customized designs paired with the text are for 5x7 hoop.

Faith 2-This set has 52 designs which fit 4x4 or 5x7 hoop. The customized designs which include text are for 5x7, but the individual components are 4x4 for those who don't have larger hoops.

10 Commandments-The commandments themselves are supplied to you in 2 different fonts. There are lily borders and corners in both fill embroidery and redwork, so the project can be framed in several different ways. The 10 individual commandments are each supplied separately so you can alter the spacing if you wish. I have also customized each set in 3 combined designs to decrease the number of times you have to rehoop. You will receive instructions for marking your fabric with a template before you hoop. Placement is important and these are probably not suitable for the beginning embroiderer. If you have a jumbo hoop (250 x 350 mm or larger), the designs have now been customized so you can do all 10 Commandments without rehooping, then add the borders or corners. This set has 38 designs total.

Pro-Life Collection-If you are distressed, as I am, that over 40 million babies have been aborted in America since 1973, you understand the need to express feelings on the issue. Each design and text is present in the collection alone, and some are combined for those who do not have customizing capabilities, to eliminate the need to rehoop (for a total of 24 designs).  Psalm 139 requires a megahoop and is stitched in 3 sections. If you have a jumbo hoop (250 x 350 mm or larger) you can stitch Psalm 139 in one hooping.

Lori's Poem was written by my oldest while she was in college. I have manually digitized the poem in script font and also a block font. The poem is sized for a jumbo hoop (260 x 400 mm) and also for a 5x7 hoop. For those who don't have a jumbo hoop, I have separated the 3 verses for 5x7 hoop so that you can use the larger lettering if you don't mind rehooping.  The designs for jumbo hoop are supplied in double run and also triple stitch, to select for the fabric you want to use. (Triple stitch is heaver, for a tapestry weight fabric.) I am including some corners and borders to provide variation. Total designs in this set=29.

Easter Bluework-If you like the effect of trapunto but dread the laborious process, you can do it easily with your embroidery machine. This set has 10 designs in 4 sizes (75 mm, 100 mm, 5x7 and megahoop), with instructions for getting the trapunto effect. The borders are in a different color so you can omit them or use a favorite border from your machine. These designs stitch up quickly and are continuous line stitching with few or no trims.

Satin Crosses-There are 10 crosses in satin stitch in 2 sizes, and in redwork style in double run and triple stitch. The satin stitch can be stitched out on a washaway stabilizer as used for lacework, to make Bible bookmarks-a great gift for a person of faith. Total designs in this set=40.

Gilded Doves Redwork-These are digitized with holiday projects in mind and stitch out beautifully with metallic silver or gold thread (or variegated). The 10 designs are supplied in 4x4, 5x7, mega, and gigahoop-for total of 40.

Please read:

  • My designs are manually digitized with as few jumps as possible.
  • Each design has been test stitched, edited where necessary, and retested again until I see they will be trouble-free to sew.
  • Tech support is available if you have difficulty with any of my designs.
  • All copyright laws apply. You may stitch my designs on items for sale, but designs or design sets may not be resold or shared by buyer, alone or in combination.
  • I can supply this large collection of designs by email, CD, or USB stick. 
  • You will receive a thread order list for designs with more than one color.
  • Please select correct format for your embroidery machine when purchasing.

To see an example of a quilt using my Anemone designs: CLICK HERE

***It is a violation of Copyright law to make or distribute copies of electronic designs or artwork. Electronic designs are licensed to the original purchaser for use at one location.
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